FavPress Framework Plugin

FavPress is an option and metabox framework plugin for WordPress.

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  • Theme/Plugin Options Builder
    • Import / Export
    • Restore Options to Default
  • Metaboxes Builder
  • Rich Set Of Fields
    • Client Side Validation
    • Custom Data Source
    • Binding Data Source
    • Fields Binding
    • Fields Dependencies
  • Shortcode Generator
  • Extensible and flexible
  • Easy to use


You can help to improve FavPress in multiple ways:

  • Contribute to the FavPress code base.
  • Report issues and help others within the issues section.
  • Spread the word.
  • Help us translate the core.
  • Develop plugins using the framework.
  • Fund us through buying our plugins.

Real World Examples

The following plugins and themes are using FavPress

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Initial Motivation and Goals

FavPress started as a hard copy of Vafpress, which was abandoned by their original developers.

Our inital goals are:

  • Create a stable and up to date version of the original Vafpress.
  • Only one version, no freemium or premium version. Everyone should be able to use the framework without thinking about.
  • For developers. We want a basic framework developers can easily use. Just basic features, not too fancy stuff or too many features.
  • Use of WordPress core features as much as possible and just make them easier to use.